Relaxation is transformative.

Whether you are looking for a massage to relax and nurture yourself, to address specific challenges, or both — Root & Wing is dedicated to providing gently transformative massage and bodywork, custom-crafted to meet your needs and to help bring you into a deeper state of relaxation, awareness and well-being.

In addition to working with the general public, Root & wing specializes in providing therapeutic, relaxation massage for the bereaved and the grieving, for caregivers and for individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression and/or sleep issues.

Safe Space for Grief

Whether you are grieving the death of a loved one, the loss of a friendship, a divorce or break-up, health challenges, environmental changes, senseless community tragedy or a loss of any kind — nurtured support during the grieving process is important.

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Reduce and Relieve Pain

Root & Wing’s Esalen style bodywork is deeply soothing to the nervous system, promotes musculoskeletal pain relief and muscle relaxation, joint mobility, blood and lymph circulation and increased body awareness.

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Encourage Restorative Sleep

Root & Wing provides specially crafted, deeply relaxing bodywork during evening hours for individuals who struggle with chronic sleep issues or who just want to be gently lulled into a restful night of sleep.

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Ease Anxiety & Depression

Did you know that massage can help reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression?

Root & Wing is passionate about providing bodywork to help ease chronic stress, anxiety and depression. 

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